What we do

Verge Labs is putting machine learning and artificial intelligence to work, by providing decision-makers with what they actually need. We are your trusted data strategy and innovation partner, bridging the gap between cutting-edge academic research and outcome-centric business innovation.

We build customised data products at speed, harnessing the most effective data science algorithms and practices to create and democratise new insights and opportunities.


We specialise in developing the core AI to power data products.


We develop simple, customised interfaces to empower all key stakeholders to use our software.



We take a problem-first approach, with a software focus.



We partner with leading experts across multiple domains.


We develop algorithms and technologies that can be applied to many business problems.

How we're different

We’re a group of doers. We know what it takes to get machine learning embedded into a business and won’t get bogged down with strategic powerpoint decks that end up in the recycling bin.
We approach machine learning from a business perspective. Rather than focus on theoretical results, as most of our academic peers, we are driven by practical applications and business value.
Hiring a good data scientist is difficult. We have assembled some of the best data scientists around with excellent track records in building and managing data teams and delivering projects. Through our community activities, we also have access to some of the best in the business.
Our mix of product and advisory ensures we have the best of both worlds - a suite of reusable and widely applicable applications and the advisory services to make sure they are used the right way. We believe machine learning isn’t just a software problem - it takes a bit of feedback to make sure you’re implementing the best strategies for your business.
We share knowledge. It’s not magic, and we have no need for smoke and mirrors. We explain the inner workings of our tools in accompanying reports, and we openly release our work to be evaluated in the wild. Our products have no lock in and we are completely vendor neutral.
Data science is broad enough. We have a rich partner network who can help with data enablement, engineering and accessibility. We do advanced analytics, and we do it well.
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