De-Jargoning Machine Learning

There are a lot of terms in the field of machine learning being thrown around interchangeably, we wanted to clear the air and help you understand exactly what we mean when we say, machine learning (or artificial intelligence, data science, neural network, etc). Below we've provided succinct descriptions of commonly used terms in five words or less*:

Machine Learning (ML) - Algorithms generating insights from data
Artificial Intelligence - Using ML to automate decisioning
Data Science - Programming and Statistics with Understanding
Data Visualisation - Visual representations of data (graphs)
Neural Network - ML inspired by the brain
Deep Learning - Powerful Neural Networks
Data Engineering - Creating processes that transform data
DataOps - Automation ML and Data Engineering
Data Analytics - Summary statistics and data manipulation
Business Intelligence - Creating reports/dashboards of KPIs
So there you have it, a (very) brief definition of some of the words you'll hear thrown around when people are talking about machine learning. These definitions are a bit of fun but capture what the topics are about. If you want to talk more about what these terms mean for your business or industry get in touch with us.
* Abbreviations count as one word :)